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This coming weekend…..

This coming weekend…..
Saturday July 9, 10am to 5pm
Sunday July 10, 11 am to 4pm

The McLean County Art Center: We encourage and promote the appreciation, study, cultivation, development and practice of the Arts in McLean County. An independant non-profit organization, we are the arts agency for McLean County, Illinois.

Lots of new ones

LOTS of new photographs for you… Hope you like them them as much as I enjoyed taking them 🙂

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About Todd

Todd Shaak Photography One incredible view of the world in which we live. Todd Shaak utilizes his gift of inner vision to capture and display a view of the world that might otherwise be taken for granted. In so doing, he transmits all of the emotion, eloquence, and nuance of design that make each of his subjects unique. Through his understanding of light and this artistic ability, he is able to capture a beauty and definition that can be found only in the product of one who has mastery of his craft. "If I can capture an image that makes someone laugh, cry, reflect, imagine - even put their arm around a friend - then I have made a connection on some universal level. That response affords me an ability to share in an expression of emotion.." – Todd Shaak
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