One-on-one Workshops
with Todd Shaak NOW available!!!!

$95 per 1st hour (one hour minimum)
$35 per half hour thereafter.

BeginnerThis workshop is designed for someone that has just
bought or has a camera and has NO understanding of the
basic operations of their camera and or the
fundamentals of photography.

Advanced BeginnerThis is for the person that
has a basic understanding of photography and
has a good understanding of the functions of their camera.
In this class we will be digging deeper into the
more technical capabilities of your camera.

This class is tailored for those who have been
shooting for years and have a clear
understanding of the rules of photography.
Our focus will be stepping out of your comfort
zone and exploring new subject matter .

Consulting services available :
• How to start selling your photography
• How to improve your sales at Art shows.
• Marketing Ideas
• Graphic Designs
-Speaking Engagements